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A great review from on our EP Confidence.


They are back with their sophomore album, and the title tells it all.  This band oozes confidence, both in their incredible musicianship and their fresh take on the punk vibe.  These songs will hit home with their listeners as the band continues to find its way in the indie music scene.  We think they have the potential to make it, and look forward to hearing what comes next.

Recommendation:  Go get this one, especially if you love great rock.

Based in Melbourne,Australia
Genre: Rock 

From 1981 – 1989 Assassins honed their skills around the pumping Melbourne pub scene, developing their distinct Rock edge. It was only in 2015 that Craig, Andrew and Eddie’s paths crossed per chance and Assassins sparked a new beginning. Since 2016 Assassins have consistently released new material including Confidence EP, Substance EP as well as numerous Singles.

The band continues to write new material  drawing from their very different journeys in life. The agenda was always to move forward and not look back as new sounds and life experiences flowed into the Assassins, creating a mature force that recognises the fundamentals of raw Australian rock and can be felt throughout their music. The band's motto is 'Go Hard or Go Home'.  

Assassins’ music has been described as an honest, exuberant, ‘wall of guitar sound’ with a proto-punk rhythm section. The vocals stand on the shoulders of the sound with lyrics that draw from lived experience the ebbs and flows of life. The band continue to perform live with a wealth of gigs under their belt including some major supports. 


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